@rickyrozay released a new album and a Birdman diss #RatherYouThanMe 

Rick Ross released another album titled Rather You Than Me. The album features Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, Nas, Ty Dollar$, Yo Gotti, Dej Loaf, Jeezy and more. I have to say that i have been highly anticipating this album because i knew it was very sentimental album for the BOSS. 

Rozay opened the album with Apple of my Eye feat Raphael Saadiq from Tony Toni Tone! This song was an eye opener when Ross claimed that he warned Meek Mill about Nicki Minaj. I believe this may have been about the Meek and Drake beef. Allegedly, she may have triggered the beef. *sips tea* Rozay also expresses his trial and tribulations onto where he is in life now. Santorini Greece gave me that fuck it, imma do me feel. Ross talking on how diabetes runs in the family and making decisions to do better with his life. Lots of reflecting in this life. One of my favorites on the album. 


MAN strolling through my TL seeing fans expressing this record as a diss record towards Birdman aka Baby aka Brian Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records. I knew there was a little beef stemming from a few years ago when Birdman called out Rick Ross and other artists on stage for talkin shit about him. Ross claiming when he finally got to meet Birdman, he discovered how fraud he really was. Fake watches and not owning their cars.

How you point a finger when you’re living a life of sin?

Ross directing his frustration over Birdman taking publishing rights from his artists and producers and how he’s not letting Wayne out of his contract. Also, how he took from DJ Khaled. Doesn’t pay to be dirty. Always keep God first.

Scientology and Powers that Be feat Nas are some deep songs in regards to power trips in the music industry and ego strokes. 

I am impressed with majority of the album and the features. My favorite tracks so far are She on My Dick, Maybach Music V, Summer Seventeen, Idols Become Rivals, I Think She Like Me and others. 

Overall give this album a 4/5. Quality lyrics, dope beats and deliverance. You can buy the album on Apple and Google.  

Comment below what are your favorites from ‘Rather You Than Me’ and make sure to subscribe to my site.

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