On the Rise: Allen York 🎤 @AllenYork  

Allen York is one of the many up and coming rappers hailing out New York that’s curating some dope music. The 29 year old rapper crossed my path on social media with one of his videos for his song,  Toast.   The video was pretty dope so i had to hit him up on who he was and his next audio projects. (video below)



TM:It’s a pleasure to be able to speak with you Allen. I hope all is well with you.

AY: All is well with me. Appreciate it.

TM: So is Allen York your real name or is it your stage name?

AY: It’s my real and stage name. Allen York came to me in high school. Had a class where we learned about Alvin York. Alvin York was a war hero. I just replaced ‘Alvin’ with ‘Allen’ because that’s my real name. 

TM: That’s pretty fly! So are are you born in raised in New York? 

AY: Born in New York but spent most of my childhood in between Florida and NY. I’m living in NY currently. 


TM: That’s whats up. So how did you even get into rapping? 

AY: I started writing before i started listening to rap music. Been rapping since 2001-2002 but i fell in love with hip hop around 03-04. I made my first mixtape project in 2012. 

TM: Being in this industry, i know it can be frustrating trying to show an audience what make you different from other artists. How do you find the motivation to keep going in this industry?

AY I express myself musically and i have always felt that my music was the shit. It’s extremely difficult to keep going because there’s always a new name, a new buzz etc. I believe in myself and my product. I love what i do. 

TM: How do you feel about support in this industry?

AY: I never want the person that i have rapport with to feel that i am only supporting them to get something out of them. I always support. I’m always a fan others talent. You have to separate being a fan and being an artist. Always support. 

TM: I hear that all the way. So let’s get into fashion, what signifies your taste?

AY: My clothing style is the reflection of my music. I try to be different without being different (laughs). 


TM: That is exactly how it should be. So what is next for you young go-getta?

AM: Well, my new project is coming up in 2017. It’s called Project Telescope. You can also visit the site ProjectTelescope.com . I will be releasing snippets here and there this year though so look out for it. 

Click the video and enjoy!



You can contact and check out Allen York on:

Twitter:  AllenYork 

Souncloud: Allen York  https://soundcloud.com/allenyork

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