Beard Butter GAWD: Edward Oliver owner of Ebo Beard Butter. @Young_EDgod

Another BLACK OWNED BUSINESS that is creating a product that gives bearded men the UNGODLY luster that all of us ladies adore and mesmerize over. I’m talking about Ebo Beard Butter. A certified product that delivers. This product has been recommended by Big K.R.I.T and more. Spoke to Edward on his amazing product. You can purchase yours today!! Ebo Beard Butter



what was your purpose on creating this product?

It helps with growth along with making your facial hair healthy it keeps it moisturized soft smelling good gives it a nice shine along with a healthy natural growth.I created the product in 2014 for myself because I’ve tried other products but most of them weren’t for my texture of hair or didn’t do what i needed to so i came up with my own all natural formula and used it on myself.the homies saw the difference and told me to sell it but i was skeptical but November 2014 i gave it a shot and its became what you see today.


Ingredients in product?

I use essential oils, Shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamins in it is all natural because i have sensitive skin so i made sure to keep that in mind when i made it…



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