Did MAC do right by Selena? 

MAC Cosmetics teamed up with the late Tejano singer’s parents to do a collaboration in her honor. 


Now, for you who don’t know who SELENA is, she was a Grammy Award winning Tejano singer. SELENA was also a spokesperson, sex symbol, fashion designer and role model to many of her fans. March 31, 1995, she was shot dead by a former employee and friend, Yolanda  Saldivar. 


Selena y MAC

The collection consists of 5 eye shadows, 3 lipsticks, mascara, eye liner, brush and blush duo. There’s also a limited edition lip glass glosd that’s only available online. The collection releases IN STORE on October 6. You will also be able to buy it September 29 online. 

Eye Shadows (5)


Names 💐 (left to right)

1.Fotos y Recuerdos

2.Is it the Beat

3. Missing my Baby- light pink hue

4. Selena- Purple 

5. No Me Queda Mas- light brown. Great transition color. 

All of these are priced at $17. 



A. Dreaming of You 

B. Como La Flor- i believe this was to resemble her favorite lipstick by Chanel called “Brick”. 

C. Amor Prohibido

All lipsticks will be $18. 

Mascara “Optimum Black”-$18


Eye Liner “Boot Black” – $21


“129SH Powder and Blush” -$35


Blush Duo “Techno Cumbia” y “Blunt” – $29





“Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” lip glass gloss -$18




The collection isnt bad. However, i wad expection the packaging to be different. I was thinking black with purple writing and her red lips on it. Also, this collection wad based on the make up that the family still had of Selena’s. MAC was given the permission to draw inspiration from what she had left. I was hoping for a brow pencil, lip liner and maybe some lashes. I definitely will be getting the lipsticks and a few eye shadows.

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