The New South Africa: Street Style

Capetown-The Stylista (photo)

South Africa has taken over in the fashion industry  and incorporated traditional threads into modern trendy looks. I’m so infatuated by how the new generation of stylish  South Africans are inspiring international designers and trendy millennials alike with their unique approach to fashion. In this article, i brought in a fellow fashionista  to give you more insight on South African street style. Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Red.



Street Style In South Africa

South Africans have always had an eye for style but in recent years more eyes have been turning their attention to the streets of the country’s biggest cities (well… Cape Town and Johannesburg) to document everyday people and their personal style.

Even though globally there are issues with maintaining authenticity in the sector, “Street Style” is it’s own lucrative industry within the greater fashion mechanism. With the world being connected the way it is, it is one of the largest platforms for emerging designers. Seeing how a designer’ creations can be adapted into a regular person’s wardrobe which is similar to yours in some way is great psychological incentive to at least look up their Instagram profile.


The street style industry in South Africa isn’t necessarily in its infancy as many publications and sites have a back page or photo series every once in a while dedicated to it. With the growth in popularity of related sectors (like online stores, influencers, streetwear brands, etc.) there has been great growth for those involved.

The people dominating the street style scene in South  Africa are the street culture brands, photographers  and publications. They document the street style mainly within their specific subculture/movement across all platforms and have opened doors for most of the country’s biggest streetwear brands today.


It has taken them forever and some still choose to move at a glacial pace but more South African brands and publications catering to various styles and subcultures have too begun to take a more serious approach to connecting with local consumers and documenting how they interpret fashion. So soon, the misconception that everyone across all 9 provinces of this rainbow nation dresses like a Johannesburg cool kid or a Cape Town beach babe will be eradicated as there will be more platforms representing the street style of more types of people. And hopefully, being that globally there is a growth in interest in the South African consumer and thus the local street style industry (WGSN even have a Cape Town office now), the fashion industry as a whole will seize the opportunity across the board to grow as well.

Like everything in South African fashion, there is ample room to grow so the street style scene is not exempt. As more consumers, brands and publications get involved the world will see more of what the South African streets have to offer.

By Tshego “Red” Mosiane | For | Twitter: @Red_Mos


Johannesburg- 10and4


Cape Town- The Stylista (photo)

***Photo Creds*** – Cedric Nzaka and others, 

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