Evani Outterbridge: July’s Spotlight Designer @BlowMe_OrVANIsh

Bringing you PHRESH PHACES of talent in the fashion industry, i would like to bring you a lovely face from Philly, PA. She goes by Vani and she is a visual artist who loves to you your favorite articles of clothing as her canvas. I saw her work re-tweeted on my timeline on my twitter account and i just had to reach out to her! 

Where are you from?

I’m from the North Section of Philadelphia Pennsylvania

What made you get into fashion?

I always been into Fashion since I can remember I’ve been told you dress different; my family would always call me asking what to wear and how should they wear it. I’ve always been a huge of Tyra Banks watching ANTM got me interested in high fashion and Kanye West and pusha T is also is a huge influence on my love for fashion.



How do you come up with the concept for each collection?

Honestly I came up with the concept out of the blue, I always designed my clothes so one day one of my close friends looked at my outfit and said Vani why don’t you take this serious? You could go far. I decided that i wanted to do something that stood for individuality and represents the youth, hip hop & the city I come from. My 1of 1 collection varies from Hand painted Ski masks , faces covered with bandanas incorporated With flowers to show the grittiness and Beauty of where I come from at the same time . Each Piece comes with a legendary Hip Hop Lyrics the everyone can relate to .



What is fashion to you?

Fashion to me is the best way of expression, clothes speak volumes and style is the best unsaid words. However you feel you can always express yourself through your outfit.

Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Within the next year I hope to establish myself as a household brand within my city but also in the surrounding area. I also hope to Collab with different artist and designers. I love seeing how creative others can be

Who do you want to work with in the industry?

I want to work with a lot of people In the industry honestly , starting with Lano He the god father of the this Hand painted clothing world, Kanye west of course ,Shayne Oliver, pusha T, Pharrell, Andre 3k,if I could get Dapper Dan To Collab with me that’ll be dope ! On the underground level Tvche his work is dope, IvbenTaqiy his work is beyond dope the list continues to grow.




How can a potential client reach you?

I’m currently working on my website, my Instagram is: Taylor.E_apparel , Snapchat: Vanib23 & my Twitter : BlowMe_Orvanish

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  1. My little cousin has always been creative and had very great sense of style. I’m glad she decided to go further with her ideas and share her unique talent with the world .

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