Here’s a list of Black Owned businesses that provides you great service #SupportBlackOwned 

In the midst of so much tragedy, i would like to shine a light on my own community with progressing businesses that you may want to l0ok into!

1) Pink Toes Nail Bar- Dallas,TX 

Ladies are you needing a day of pampering? Located in Downtown Dallas, this upscale and high-tech nail salon is everything that you’re looking for.  Owner, Kyla Michelle has provided with an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on.  Book your appointment today!!

2) Charm School intl. – Ft. Worth, TX

A school for girls in the DFW area that helps uplift and encourage them to the amazing woman they’re meant to be. Owner Dimanche is a dear friend of mine who i fully support and believe in. For more info, follow @charmschoollntl or @dimanchewb on twitter. Also,

3) Abernathy Magazine- NY

A magazine for Black Men. 


Check out the site right here

3) NWAPcast
Follow them on Twitter at @NWAPcast 

4) Fatale Fashionz – South Florida



A non-profit that’s helping raising school suppplies for kids in Jamaica.  Click here

*Buy From A Black Woman* 

An organization that provides a a service to black women business owners.

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