#MusicMonday Women Edition @billybthc @ivysole @mikhalajene

Hey viewers, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day. So It’s time for my latest on new music and i have some dope artists that you guys should check out!!

Born in NC but reside in Philly, PA, Ivy Sole is one of my top female MCs that blessed my presence with her debut album, EDEN. I love this album. She killed it. One of my favorite songs is You Don’t Know My Name, The Vow and Malika. 


Residing in Los Angeles, CA, this songstress is who everyone need to pay attention to. I am such a fan of her EP, The Prelude.  5 tracks of all sorts of songs that speak to you. Peep her music below.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Billy B is everything you want in a female MC. Been listening to Billy since i heard her on Bossin’ x Dapa Don. I was like, damn…who is that??  Peep her down below






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