Yonce’s #Lemonade Style

First thing i have to say about this 56 min visual was….W O W. So inspirational for us African American women. So much Victorian character and ancestry appreciation. #Lemonade was truly inspirational spiritually, artistically and fashionably HA!

So speaking of fashion, i have to say that Marni Senofonte, Beyonce’s one of her stylist, did her damn thing. In a recent interview with New York Times, Marni talked about how her and Beyonce came up with looks for the visual. Here’s an excerpt from that NYT interview with Marni Senofonte:

Q: How do you work with Beyoncé?

A: She’s pretty trusting. We always start with inspiration boards, and she comes with so much inspiration. I don’t know where she finds the time. She’s definitely heavily involved in all of her visuals.

Q: What did Beyoncé’s inspiration boards look like for this album?

A: There was a lot of African print and gold. Royal, regal African images. There was a lot of white, antebellum vibes and hats and collars, vintage Gaultier and McQueen.

Catch the full interview with NYT  right here NYT Interview W/ Marni

There was lots of victiorian fashion in this visual and i am going to tap into a few of my favorites from ‘Lemonade’.

Beyonce’ wore this beautiful chiffon off the shoulder gown from Roberto Cavalli that is retailed at $28,885 here Roberto Cavalli golden tiered gown



Let’s talk about this dope ass one piece that she slayed in when she walked through that burning door okay? It was a custom one-piece made by Marni Senofonte’.



This look was one of my favorite looks from the visual. Really gives you that romantic and Victorian vibe.

The scene where she was like “Who the fuck you think you’re pimping? I’m the pimp.” clothing was too dope and oh so HOUSTON,TX. LOL Ms Beyonce was giving us her Texas Bama roots with a Yeezy Season 3 2-piece ensemble, a Hood-By-Air off the shoulder coat and rocking blonde corn rows and baby hairs.


Hood By Air Fall 2015 off-the-shoulder fur coat 

Yeezy Season 3 two-piece and latex boots 


I AINT SORRY– BODYSUIT by Arabian fashion designer,  Yousef Al Jasmi


Here are some other looks from #Lemonade 


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