Bizness Boi: Hottest Producer out

So… i was on twitter just scrolling down my TL and i came across a song from Trae tha Truth called “Fuck wit Me”. A dope song off his new ‘Trae tha Truth part Two’. 

Of course i fucked with the song but i definitely was feeling that beat. I saw it was produced by this dude named “Bizness Boi” so i had to follow him lol. I was going through his soundcloud and was like damn, he has worked with some credible artists in the game. This 28 year old beat wiz from Wisconsin has made a name for himself! Peep my interview below with him! 


TM: So Biz i know you live in L.A. is that where you’re from?

BB: I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I then moved to Atlanta, GA in 2011, lived there for 3 years and then moved to L.A. I’ve been here for almost 2 years as of this month (April).

TM: Damn you’ve been on it lol. So what made you start wanting to get into producing or making beats?

BB: I Grew up with my grandparents and their music. They would play a lot of old school and 90s music and i was curious on how they came up with those beats. I had a PlayStation and this game called MTV Music Generator that i would play with all the time. The game would allow you to make beats but you couldn’t save them or anything but it was good practice. I got the FL Studio and started making beats and the rest is history (laughs).

TM: I use to have a PlayStation and i don’t remember that game but i wish i did have it! So who are some producers that you are influenced by?

BB: My influences are Jimmy Jam, Teddy Riley, Pharrell, Timbaland….i mean the list goes on. 

TM: These are great people to be influences by. If you had the opportunity to work with them, i know you would.

BB: (laughs) yeah i would. I also would want to work with Nas, Andre 3000, Kanye and Jay Z.

TM:  Of course! You can not work with them if you had the opportunity to. So who are some people that you have worked with?

BB: aah man…I’ve worked with Yung Thug, Ye Ali, Eric Bellinger, K Camp, Kirko Bangs, Boosie, Trae tha truth. Matter of fact, Trae hit me up needing more beats for Trae 3 (Trae’s next album that’s in the works). I’m always working. That’s the life i live. 


TM: Pretty impressive resume. So do you only work with celebs or are you opened to working with indie artists?

BB: I love working with Indie artists, i love helping them get that come up. I’m opened to work with anyone. 

TM: Yeah me too. I love music and the underground scene. So you’re if you get a call to go to come to FL for a beat, you’ll hop on the plane and head there? i know some don’t like to be mobile. 

BB: You got to be mobile. That’s an investment. That’s part of your job. I’m willing to go wherever.

TM: So, I’m not going to take up anymore of your time but i just want to know where do you see yourself in 5 years?

BB: 5 years, i want to have a long and extensive catalog. I want to get into as much as possible I want to be in Mogul status. 

TM: I sure hear that because that is definitely where i want to be at myself. Well thank you for taking the time out to speak with me. Gotta come out that way some time soon. 

BB: Appreciate you! 

Check out all of Bizness Boi’s work right here 

Also, if you’re wanting to work with him, please him up at OR follow him on Twitter @Bizness_Boi




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