#SXSW: The Experience

Another day, another year and another festival. SXSW aka South by Southwest started off was an experience this year compared to last year. What i mean by this is that i had a fantastic time and was able to meet some of my followers from twitter (@MsTosciMarie) and more!

Let’s start off with the fashion side of #SXSW shall we? I went the first weekend of SXSW to get the scoop on the latest fashion technology that will be featured in magazines and runways!

So this is like the first year that SXSW incorporated more fashion into the festival. CEO and Editor-in-Chief of YahooStyle, Joe Zee felt that it was a must to bring in fashion due to the rapid growth of the advancement of Technology.

“Fashion has always been such a ratified passion place. It is still that bubble and what we try to do is pull the curtain aside and have a little more transparency in this particular industry. If you can go online and design a jacket for $68 or a Rodarte dress, we have already made the process a lot more democratic and I think that’s what fashion has slowly become, using technology. I think consumers are in the driver’s seat now.” – Joe Zee

      Courtesy of HuffPost Style.

Basically, they talked a lot about how fashion is getting on the bandwagon with the technology industry. Here are a few examples of what we are expecting when technology meets fashion!

Apple Watch

We all knew about this due the Apple keynote last year. One of the top grossing fashion tech related accessories in the market.

Tory Burch Fitbit

This very cute bracelet, necklace or wrap was designed to help promote while being stylish at the same time. Retail price at $195.00 available at Tory Burch Fit bit

SXStyle which is a combination of fashion, arts, culture and if course, technology. Lots of fashion bloggers, designers and inspired on-goers was able to mix and mingle. My advice for fashionistas…and fashion misters, i encourage you to attend next year. This will be the biggest festival for fashion lovers to attend!!! Lots of great opportunities to learn and advance yourselves. GO!!!



This is the week where majority of SXSW goers and artists look forward to! I had such a great time during this week and i want to say that i am very proud of all the artists that i support who performed and shut the house down!!

Lots of great promo ideas out there even if you didn’t perform, i hope this gave you the opportunity to see your completion and what is expected for you to advance in your music career.

Dapa Don @Dapadon) and Manolo rose (@manolo_rose) shut down the house at Flamingo Cantina. Star(@realstarmusic) was out there along with Tray Pizzy(@TrayPizzy) and more! Proud of all of you and your work ethic!!

Star and Dapa Don have a song out now called “So High” check it out So High x Star feat. Dapa Don

40oz Bounce x Austin was bananas as well. NY was definitely in the building.

Texas was definitely in the building tho….

Trae the Truth, Star Music and Buffalo Black from Dallas, TX and my Boy DJ Phife killing it on those fuckin turntables!

oh yeah and we did have some dope celebs come through…


SXSW Film-Interactive-Music - Day 8
AUSTIN, TX – MARCH 18: Kehlani attends Fader Fort, presented by Converse at the SXSW Music Festival on March 18, 2016 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)




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