‘Stress-Free’ and away from ‘Drama’: $tar

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Whats good peeps! I’ve been slacking a bit on the reviews but mama is right back on it today with some new heat or two! I am talking about this new kid i came i across from Brooklyn, NY who goes by the name, Star. I came across Star through some of the other indie artists that I’ve been listening to. Let me say the kid is pretty dope.

The first song that i did hear from Star is called ‘Stress Free’. This song is a  single off of his tape “Roccstar Habits”.  The song gave me a little bit of a Cali high life, no worries type of vibe. Almost a mix of Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa.

This record inspires from a happy, high, carefree mind state. It represents all the moments in life that will lead you to live a Stress Free lifestyle. – Star 

Check out Stress Free below and give me your feedback in my comment section!

Star released his latest single, Drama. This record giving me that ‘I’m hype as shit and i am down for whatever’ vibe. I think this record is equally as good as Stress Free.  

A song you can bump when you wanna turn up. The content is gangsta, but the vibe is fun. – Star

Star gives credit to his relatives for influencing musical taste with introductions to Jay Z, Nas, Biggie and Tupac. What he deems as the “Golden Ages” of hip hop.

Check out Drama below and leave a comment on what you think!


Also, follow Star on social media:

Twitter: @RealStarMusic

Soundcloud: RealStarMusic

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