Black Owned on Black Friday

Hey guys so it is that time of the year where the madness known as “Black Friday” is here. As you are out and about today on this wonderful shopping day, i would like for you to check out these businesses that are black owned but produce great quality products just for you!

As you all know that i am highly into fashion so i came across some very dope designers via social media and styling/consulting clients. 

Fellas, if you’re looking for dope ties and pocket squares, check out the Tony Wuu Collection 


Also Fellas, if you’re needing a dope suit to go with that Tony Wuu tie, check out suit designer, David Frere. David Frere has designed suits for Jay Z, Nas and Justin Timberlake to name a few. 

David Frere with Jay Z
Musika Frere Winter 2015
David Frere
Musika Frere Winter 2015
Musika Frere Winter 2015
Nas in a Musika Frere custom Suit
Musika Frere Winter 2015

If you are interested in looking fly for NYE or any holiday events, go ahead and book an appointment at


Fellas have you ever had the problem with getting razor bumps while shaving? African American men generally have  razor bump issue due to the razor techniques that were taught for not their hair texture. Bevel is a black owned grooming company that is dedicated to providing a shaving service that will remove those unwanted razor bumps.  Check out for more information.

Bevel Shaving System



Fellas i will be giving away a Bevel set to one lucky winner next month!! Stay tuned to my site for more information on how to enter.

To All the Ladies in the place with style Grace….

If you are into dope art and accessories, i would also like for you to check out Kashmir Thompson, a Visual Artist whose work speaks for itself! Peep underneath….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

House Party inspired
Enter a caption

“House Party” inspired

If you would like to purchase some of this dope art, please check out her site here —> Kashmir she is also running a huge #BlackFriday sale as well!!

Long Hair, Don’t Care 

So it is the holidays and we are all wanting to make sure that hair is My girls at The Virgin Hair Fantasy are definitely the girls that you should go to for your hair woes. 



Beauty YouTube Guru: Chrispy
Beauty and Hair YouTube Guru: MsRoshPosh


If you are interested in looking fleek as fuxk, check out

Here also more Black Owned Businesses to check out:

  • Dallas, Tx based DHairBoutique  they also have a line with Fashionista, Angela Simmons!!

    The Feeling Fancy Cosmetics

Fancy Friend
Fancy Friend

Affordable and quality cosmetic line that will assure you several questions such as “Where did you get your lipstick from?”


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