New Release Music: Fetty Wap

Hey Loves! I hope you all are having a great Friday, So i have been neglecting the music side of my site bc so much has been going on in the FASHION side of my blog. I wanted to take the time out to discuss Mr. Trap Queen GAWD himself, Fetty Wap. Fetty Wap released his album at midnight¬†¬†annndddd let me tell yoouuuu….IT JAMS!! ¬†Fetty’s debut album is a jumpin 17 tracks from the 80 million soundcloud plays track Trap Queen to Rewind feat fellow¬†Remy Boyz Monty. This album is so dope! I have listened to the album 4 times all the way through and i love it. ¬†Here is the complete track list of the album:


  1. Trap Queen
  2. How We do Things feat Monty
  3. 679 feat Monty
  4. Jugg feat Monty 
  5. Trap Luv 
  6. I Wonder 
  7. Again
  8. My Way feat Monty
  9. Time feat Monty
  10. Boomin
  11. RGF Island
  12. D.A.M
  13. No Days Off feat Monty 
  14. I’m Straight¬†
  15. Couple Bands 
  16. Rock My Chain feat M80 
  17. Rewind feat. Monty 


Don’t Let nobody tell you that you can’t do it. Love what you do until you can’t love it anymore. Nothing’s Impossible. – Fetty Wap


  1. Again– This track is mad catchy. I think it should be the next single released off the album. I know this is an old track but it was officially released this year. Shoutout to Fetty’s producer, Brian “Peoples” Garcia.
  2. D.A.M
  3. Time feat. Monty
  4. No Days Off feat Monty
  5. RGF Island¬†¬†this track really the ” i dont fuck with nobody but my crew and i got them track” I’m all about being loyal to my soil so this track really touched me.¬†


The photos are courtesy of Fetty Wap’s spread in Corine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book spread. Click on the link to check out the article. Click here¬†Fetty Wap: CR Fashion Book

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