Milan Fashion Week: Gucci – Ready to Wear

Good Morning Fashionistas and Fashionistas!

Soooo….today is the FIRST official day of Milan Fashion Week and we are kicking it off with the wonderful ready to wear collection from GUCCI. Okay so the setting of the show looked as of you went over to your chic grandmother’s house with the designer Persian rug in the living room. WHICH helped tie in what the collection was about to look like.

The collection was very chic and 70s spring time. Also had a few of the disco girl looks going on as well.. The collection featured brooches, pleated skirts, platform heels and lots of colors. Furs with tree branches and  colorful beret hats. Collection was very...Gucci! i loved it.

The hair andmake up was soft and fun.

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Check out the Gucci: Ready to Wear Spring 2016 Collection below!!  Feel free to ask questions or comment below loves!!

Gucci: Ready to Wear Spring 2016
Gucci: Ready to Wear Spring 2016

_GUC0051 _GUC0069 _GUC0085 _GUC0103 _GUC0127 _GUC0147 _GUC0169 _GUC0189 _GUC0213 _GUC0229 _GUC0301 _GUC0321 _GUC0333 _GUC0343 _GUC0393 _GUC0411 _GUC0425 _GUC0455 _GUC0465 _GUC0481 _GUC0491 _GUC0501 _GUC0515 _GUC0529 _GUC0543 _GUC0559 _GUC0609

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