#NYFW Michael Kors

Hey my loves!!

Here we meet again with the scoop on #NYFW!!! I swear this is like Christmas for all of the fashionistas with style! Sooooo….one of my favorite apparel designers is at it again with his Spring 2016 Collection. Mr. Michael Kors is bringing everything that we need and more to this collection. The collection gave me a bohemian chic city girl vibe. The diversity of the model selection was suiting to the collection. The hair choice for the show was was an effortless half up-half down look on the models.  The makeup choice was was very minimum to almost bare. I have been noticing that has been the trend on the runway.  Below is the complete collection for the Michael Kors Collection for Spring 2016.

Photo Cred: Vogue Runway 

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Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear Spring 2016 Collection 

Micheal Kors- Spring 2016
Micheal Kors- Spring 2016

_KOR0055 _KOR0073 _KOR0089 _KOR0109 _KOR0119 _KOR0135 _KOR0149 _KOR0163 _KOR0181 _KOR0193 _KOR0205 _KOR0225 _KOR0245 _KOR0257 _KOR0275 _KOR0293 _KOR0315 _KOR0325 _KOR0339 _KOR0359 _KOR0369 _KOR0387 _KOR0409 _KOR0423 _KOR0437 _KOR0451 _KOR0469 _KOR0477 _KOR0495 _KOR0513 _KOR0529 _KOR0545 _KOR0567 _KOR0579 _KOR0599 _KOR0613 _KOR0629 _KOR0639 _KOR0661 _KOR0675 _KOR0689 _KOR0703 _KOR0715 _KOR0733 _KOR0749 _KOR0769 _KOR0785 _KOR0801 _KOR0815 _KOR0829 _KOR0847 _KOR0881 _KOR0903 _KOR0921 _KOR0931

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