#NYFW: Nicholas K @ the Gallery

Good Morning everyone and Happy New York Fashion Week!!! I would like to say that i am SOOOO EXCITED!!!

#NYFW kicked off with the Nicholas K. i Have to say that the collection was everything modern, edgy with a dab of chic. The collection gave me “New York City Rush hour” peep below the whole collection.

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All photos are courtesy of Vogue Runway

Nichloas K Spring '16
Nichloas K Spring ’16

ONP_2337 ONP_2342 ONP_2361 ONP_2375 ONP_2386 ONP_2404 ONP_2411 ONP_2421 ONP_2429 ONP_2435 ONP_2441 ONP_2452 ONP_2460 ONP_2466 ONP_2475 ONP_2480 ONP_2489 ONP_2493 ONP_2500 ONP_2505 ONP_2516 ONP_2524 ONP_2538 ONP_2547 ONP_2559 ONP_2570 ONP_2575 ONP_2582 ONP_2597 ONP_2607 ONP_2615 ONP_2630 ONP_2647 ONP_2658 ONP_2671 ONP_2679 ONP_2689 ONP_2701 ONP_2710 ONP_2721 ONP_2735 ONP_2755

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