Gabriella Wimmer : Jewelry Handbag Designer

So of course we know NYFW is around the corner and along with my giveaway (which you should check out my post on) i am going to go back to my roots. lol

Small Marquise bag
Small Marquise bag

I would like for you all to get to know this phenomenal woman, luxury handbag designer, Gabriella Wimmer. i came across Gabrielle in a #StyleChat discussion on handbags and their importance in women’s fashion. Now if you don’t know what “Style chat’ is, it s a fashion participation hashtag on Twitter that is hosted by Style Caster. It allows all fashionistas around the world to socialize abut whatever topics in regards to fashion. You can join every Wednesday from 3-4 pm EST on Twitter. ANYWAY, back to Ms. Gabriella Wimmer, she told me that she was a designer of jewelry handbags and i was completely interested! The handbags are hand-crafted made from the finest of textures and diamonds. Had a chance to have a few one on ones with her via phone. Here is my my interview with the detailed designer.

Tell us about who Gabriella Wimmer is?

Gabriella is the founder and creative director of her namesake Jewelry-Handbag label, Gabriella Wimmer. She is an incredibly talented and creative individual who from an early age started to travel and collect memories and experiences that have shaped who she is and how she interprets the world around her. She has lived between the US, Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, and traveled extensively so her life shapes her creations.

 Gabriella Wimmer, Luxury Handbag Designer.
Gabriella Wimmer, Luxury Handbag Designer.
  1. What made you want to design handbags?

I have always been creative. On both sides of my family, my great grandparents down to my aunts and uncles are all creatively gifted. So from a young age, it was natural for me to lean towards creative pursuits. I used to make clothing and accessories for my dolls and decorations for the home. I even tried my hand at making clothes for myself but I was always better working with leather and stitching fine details.

With handbags, it was always difficult for me to find a handbag that I liked. Normally I would be gifted handbags and yes they were beautiful and “IT” bags but there were always little improvements that I thought they needed or the styles were not unique enough, so for a long time I actually did not carry a handbag unless absolutely necessary. Like any woman, I switch my handbags based on the days and night’s activities and it was always a bit laborious to carry multiple handbags to change throughout the day. I really wanted a handbag that could transition between day and night, that would look feminine and refined for any occasion, and that were unique in terms of detailing, quality, and finishings.

Ultimately, a good friend of mine inspired me with the idea to channel my design and fashion creativity into making handbags. He believed in me and this encouragement helped me to work towards my first collection.

So if you ask me now, “Do you have the perfect handbag?” I would likely say “I have several!”

  1. Tell us about your handbags.

I originally dreamed of my Jewelry-Handbags as fusing jewelry and handbags. Because of my travel experiences, I knew that I wanted pieces that allowed a woman to stand apart. As a woman, a handbag is one of the most important accessories, if not the most important accessory a woman can wear because it will be seen fully – it cannot be hidden so it must be beautiful and inspired and lustworthy. I think I succeeded in doing that by creating Jewelry-Handbags that use sculpted metal, molded and cut and welded by hand using traditional techniques, and seeking out the finest in exotic leathers from the coveted tanneries in Italy and the most brilliant diamonds to bring the pieces to life.

Thus, my Jewelry-Handbags can only be crafted by Italian artisans steeped in heritage because they have a deep respect and appreciation for all of the materials, and it comes through in the craftsmanship. So special are my coterie of elite Italian artisans and craftsmen that I affectionately call them “Diamond Hands”.

Each handbag is lovingly crafted as singular masterpieces so you will not find the same Jewelry-Handbag worn by anyone else. The leathers themselves are very special and luxurious, with their own distinguishing attributes. They all have papers so they are guaranteed genuine crocodile, ostrich, and python leathers. And the diamonds!! They are so lovely and wonderful – they sparkle with a fire and intensity that makes every woman swoon when they see them. Especially Diamond Skin…

With such a wealth of history and luxury, it only made sense that my Jewelry-Handbags would be given special names worthy of any royal. Thus, we have Contessa, Duchess, Marquise, and Imperial Garden.

 Imperial Garden Mini Clutch
Imperial Garden Mini Clutch
  1. What would you like to accomplish as far as your company is concerned?

My Jewelry-Handbags are one-of-a-kind pieces that are lovingly crafted, using the finest of materials, heritage and craftsmanship to last a lifetime. My main goal is to continue creating pieces that are unique and stand apart for the woman who has everything and still seeks to have more. By allowing her to personalize pieces, I am giving her the opportunity to express herself in another form that is not restricted by the typical aesthetic conventions.

As well as continuing to grow the custom made pieces, I am also looking to expand into other leather accessories to have complementary pieces to the Jewelry-Handbags. A woman is defined by what she wears – her handbag being the item that is seen most by the world. When she rests her handbag, say for instance, when she enters a meeting or a luncheon or a dinner, she should remain looking stylish and complete in her look.

Mel B carrying the 'Contessa' clutch at the 2015 Espys

  1. Do you have any high profile clients?

I’m not at liberty to discuss my clients because they include prominent people in the public eye and royalty. Though you may recently have seen Melanie Brown, aka Mel B TV personality and formally of the Spice Girls, wearing the Contessa at the ESPY Awards. She made it onto the Best Dressed lists wearing head to toe in red, looking extremely sexy, sleek, and chic.

  1. What would you say to aspire purse designers who is trying to get their feet wet in the industry?

Have a strong identity and be realistic with yourself. If you have a design that you love, step away from it and think about why someone would not buy it. It is important to keep perspective and to be brutally honest with yourself.

As well, you need to have a strong stomach for entrepreneurship. It is not for the faint and it is a long term view.

Large Marquise, Black Alligator w/ Rose Gold
Large Marquise, Black Alligator w/ Rose Gold
  1. How would someone go about ordering a Gabriella Wimmer Jewelry-Handbag?

The pieces I have are part of the classic collection that can be personalized. Once you’ve fallen in love with one of our Jewelry-Handbags, you will contact me. I stay in direct contact with my clients because I like to understand who they are so we create the perfect accessories for them. We will usually meet for an hour or two so I can gain an understanding of what they are looking for, the occasion at which the handbag will be worn, and other items. This helps me to make suggestions to the clients on the style, colors, and finishings for the Jewelry-Handbags. It sometimes happens that the clients may seek a simple handbag but by the end of the meeting, their personality shines through and they opt for something a little more spectacular, especially once they know the world of possibilities that are available for customization.

Over the next three months, we send regular updates to the clients so they gradually see their piece taking shape – literally. Once the handbag is completed, we usually hand deliver it to its ultimate owner. It is truly a wonderful experience to see the expression of happiness and surprise when the Jewelry-Handbag is in finally held for the first time by its new owner.

Here is OITNB star Dascha Polancoco carrying a custom clutch by Gabriella
Here is OITNB star Dascha Polancoco carrying a custom clutch by Gabriella
Here is Dascha Polanco carrying the
Here is Dascha Polanco carrying the “Duchess in Tinsel’ clutch

For more on Gabriella Wimmer and to SNATCH one of her amazing handbags, please visit

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