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Dapa Don back on the scene with a new record “Gone on Em” which  is the first single off of his upcoming album, #FOOD 2, that will be released this summer. Had to chalk it up with him about this record, the album and of course,  F A S H I O N.

Dapa Don
     Dapa Don


Last time I talked to you it was about your single “Hold Up” feat Krown Royale. Now you’re back with FOOD 2 and a new single “Gone on Em”. What was the inspiration behind this single?

 Dapa: rage, anger, frustration.  My mind is really weird then it becomes controlled rage and then becomes creative median.  At first I just heard the hook in my head, heard it like a chant, then the verses came.  I wanted to be aggressive and assert myself the first single most definitely.


How is FOOD 2 going to be different from FOOD?

Dapa: and this it not to say the first project was subpar because it wasn’t and was better than a lot of the product that dropped at the time, but I truly believe in my heart I outdid myself this time.  More aggression, more features, and more fun.  I really had fun making this project.


Do you think your supporters will like the direction you went with this tape?

Dapa: most definitely. I get flack for some of my music sounding “southern” but those folks rock with me, they support me, they come to my shows in their city.  Id be remiss to not cater to them and how do you ask someone who spent every year of their life in NC just as much as NY to act like southern music doesn’t influence them.  Scarface is in my top 5 and one of my favorite rappers when I was younger was Fiend so what do you expect? but I got bangers on here and im happy to say that.


Who are some of your biggest influences in the music industry?

Dapa: off the top my two favorite artists easily is the god known as Terius Nash aka The Dream and the god emcee Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-Z.  after that It would be Scarface, Kanye then goes all the way left to people like Kurt Cobain, Quincy Jones, DJ Toomp, E-40 etc.


Now let’s switch gears because I am a fashion blogger, you are from Brooklyn so how do you feel about hip hop and fashion now vs let’s say… late 90s- early 2000s?

Dapa: Only difference now is the tightness levels smh.  Late 90’s Early 00’s everything was baggy, baggy jeans, baggy tees, jerseys, etc. now its all about fitted clothing, joggers, fitted suits, everyone into cuts now.  More bold colors etc.


How would you describe your fashion/style sense?

Dapa: Fat Nigga friendly lol…I think I just wear what makes me comfortable whether that be jeans, sweats, cargos, or a just into being comfortable…and if it doesn’t make me look like fat piece of shit then im ok with it. Im probably the easiest for a stylist to work with because I don’t complain much unless im uncomfortable.  Im not fashionista ass nigga so them skinny niggas can have that debate with you.


What would you like to see more of in fashion?

Dapa: ummm better clothing for the bigger folks.  I know its more expensive to manufacture but if they get some dope items guarantee they’d make that money back tenfold.  Eventually I hope the #FOOD merchandising brand grows into just that.  Im just taking my time starting small and finding the guidance from my partners.


Who are some of your favs in fashion?

Dapa: Man listen I will tell you wholeheartedly I don’t pay attention.  If it looks nice im wit it I don’t care who made it.  I go to these fashion week events and don’t even know who’s line it is unless ive known of the person before hand.  I see a lady in a sexy ass dress I see a lady in a sexy ass dress my mind not tellin my hormones to ask her “hey boo who is that youre wearing this evening?” fuck all that haha.


What would you like to see more of when it comes to this industry (music) and how they support indie artists like yourself?

Dapa: id like people to have their own mind rather than wait for someone to tell them to like something.  So many artists getting on now with old music because someone else said “hey its ok to like this” don’t be sheep be the shepherd.  And go outside.  Not all bloggers are evil. There are some really keeping an ear to the street and outside to know whats what. But some haven’t left their room or computer in months and are out of touch.  Id like people to understand how much work this takes as oppose to it just seeming trivial or something to make fun of. Part of creation is offering yourself to be dissected by the public at large.  If youre not brave enough to do anything remotely close to that then you shouldn’t have much to say.


What is next for Dapa Don? What advice would you give to people who are inspired by you and want to make it in the Industry as well?

Dapa: What’s next?..the summer is coming and I plan on making noise in it.  #FOOD2 is next…#FOOD merchandising is next, just more work, more branding, more #FOOD.  Advice?.. I don’t know because I don’t even feel like anyone looks up to me it’s still a new feeling.  Like im even flustered by people being fans, I use the word supporters because that’s the driving force behind my brand.  But id tell anyone love what you do. Please make sure you love this. There will be days you don’t. there will be days giving up seems so much more easy than pushing on. But just love what you do and above all be the best you that you can be. 


Check out Dapa Don’s new single “Gone on Em”


Also check out Dapa Don’s “You Me and Hennessy” record where he’s giving us his singing capabilities 


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Twitter: DapaDon

Instagram: DapaDon718

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