New Sound: Brooklyn’s own Krown Royale (The Spacey)

krown royale

First time I heard Krown Royale was on fellow Brooklyn artist, Dapa Don’s single “Hold Up”.  He followed up with his single “Lebron James” which has over 53,000 plays. He is back with his new single “Run the Town” drawing inspiration from a night out with the homies. Spoke to Krown in regards to a new EP following this single and he said it is in the works!

Listen to LeBron James here


Dapa Don feat. Krown Royale x Hold Up


Check out Krown’s new single “Run the Town” below


Really feeling the song, Krown really gives us an inside on his thoughts while he’s out in the streets of NYC. You can hear it all the way from women to being an indie artist to favoritism in the NY underground scene. 


Now,  you all know that I’m mostly a fashion blogger so I had to ask him about fashion. Krown briefly told me that he isn’t  really into fashion, he just likes what he likes and doesn’t care who the designer is or what the current trends are. However, he does rock a lot of his own “The Spacey” gear. 


Krown Royale The Spacey
Krown Royale The Spacey


For more on Krown Royale, check out



Twitter: KrownRoyaleNY


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