Spotlight Fashion Designer : “Caesar” from The City of Savages

First and foremost, i like to say HEYYY! i know it has been  a min since my last posting but i had to take a little break. In the midst of the break, i came across some dope designers, Fashion Weeks and new style clients!


So anyway….I was on IG and looking at my fellow fashion bloggers posts and came across Nadia Aboulhosn’s post wearing a denim button up shirt with some dope designs on it. (see pic below) I had to find out who the designer was and came across Caesar with City of Savages.  




Phil “Caesar” Jackson


From: Philly 

Living: Atlanta

What made you want to design clothes ?

I started designing as an outlet for creativity about 6 years ago. It was a fun way to express myself. When I began to share my ideas w/ other people I realized that I may be on to something so I continued and tried to perfect my style.

Who are some of your inspirations in the fashion industry?

I don’t really take much inspiration from the fashion world. Street-wear is a little different than other forms of fashion, most of my inspiration comes from current events and my own personal experiences.


City of Savages 5
City of Savages



What makes your designs so unique?

What makes the products I design so unique is that I hand-print and design everything myself. Most other companies don’t do that. The products that City of Savages produces are a reflection of how I am felt or how I felt like looking at that particular moment.

I never create products that I wouldn’t personally wear.

I know that most other street wear designers share my train of thought there and I think that’s what separates street wear from other types of fashion. I also think that is why a lot of upper scale brands are attempting to look like they are street wear brands so that they can try to mimic that authenticity.

Where do you see yourself and your designs in 5 years?

In 5 years I’d like to think that I will be displaying a much stronger stance on social issues via my designs as well as improving them from a style POV. There’s always room for improvement in my opinion. I never want to get too comfortable creatively. I have a set direction of where my brand is headed but I never want to be repetitive, I always want there to be a couple products in each collection that surprise people.

Do you think your designs will bring new generations of trends into the fashion world?

I’m not particularly concerned with affecting the fashion world in general. That sounds to much like being trendy. I just want to keep on impressing the supporters that I have right now and the ones that will come in the future. I think it’s foolish to aspire to be a world or even industry changer before you’ve mastered your own personal craft. How what I do will affect people from here on out is just something that I’m going to have to address as it occurs.

Here is his latest collection called “The future is ALREADY FUCKED” Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

City of Savagescity of savgcity of sav 2City of Savages 3

Check out Caesars dope ass line, just click on the link below!

City of Savages

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