Princess of Media: Madison Jaye


So this young lady definitely has made a name for herself at the tender age of 23. Born in Newark, NJ but living it up in NYC, Madison Jaye is truly a heavy weight in the radio personality industry. . She has her own YouTube Channel called MadisonJayeTV and she’s also a Digital Producer on 107.5. Talk about a full plate!  She has interviewed so many celebs from Musiq Soulchild, Marsha Ambrosius and Luke James. I can see her going so many places bc she is so driven and its quite admirable. Check out my interview with her :). 

What made you want to get into radio?

Honestly, I’ve always known I wanted to be in some form of communications, but I thought I would be a news anchor growing up. In college, I didn’t know what I wanted I dabble in all types of communications PR, Editing, Talent, Videography, etc. just to see what worked for me, the second I sat in the “ON-AIR” chair for the first time I knew radio was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Who are your biggest influences in the radio industry?

I love Howard Stern, Angie Martinez & Combat Jack for podcast. Howard is so honest, and he challenges my thinking. Ive studied him, we’ll all of them, but Howard for years, he’s a genius and he’s a creator, there are so many layers to him.


Angie knows how to make her guest feel like her best friend, that’s important. She makes them forget that they are being interviewed and that’s how she’s gets exclusive information. She’s really on of my role models. When I first met her at hot 97 it was the first and one of the only times I’ve been star struck LOL. I admire her.


Combat Jack IS REAL. He hard core and he knows how to make lemonade out of apple juice AND sale it to you. He’s changed the game for podcast, I went to one of the conference he did and he dropped a lot of gems. He’s great, he knows he’s great, but the one thing I admire about him is he gives knowledge and he isn’t afraid to share his genius with others, and I respect that.

What music do you broadcast on your show?

That’s the beauty of a podcast, there’s no music. Well, we are going to be DJ highlights so that will change going into the new year , some of my family from Hot 97 and other great djs will play a mix. ANY time of djs so to answer your question there won’t be a limit to the still of music played on my show, all music is welcomed. I want my show to reflect me, and i listen to everything hip hop, soul country, pop, rock and roll and everything in between.

Who would like to have on your show?

I have a ton but Lauryn Hill, Oprah, and Howard Stern are at the top of my list. I would love to pick their incredible minds and share their stories and inner thoughts with people.

You’re always giving positive messages on twitter, who inspires you to be the person that you are today?

Thank you, what inspires me to be the person I am today is pain. I’ve had been through a lot of pain in my life from being homeless and taking care of myself young. Pain makes the best art; in order to heal our planet hurt people have to learn to love. I just try to be a living example of the words I speak, in this case the messages I tweet.

What message do you have for people that want to pursue a career in this industry?

Don’t take the no as no’s but take them as “not knows”;  I’ve been turned down people as have many successful people in this industry. I like to think it builds character. You need tough skin in order to make it in this business. I work hard, day in and out until the people noticed my work ethic, work so hard that they HAVE TO pay you attention.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what’s next for Madison Jaye?

2015 is the year of the takeover. I’m going global; I’m putting it into the universe now. You must speak greatness into your life and that’s what I’m doing. Five years from now, I see myself as a strong media figure, I see myself as a wife a mother and a friend. Overall I see myself being happy and inspiring others to do the same.

For more on Ms Madison Jaye:


YouTube: MadisonJayeTv

Twitter: MadisonJaye_

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