Spotlight Fashion Designer: Noel Bronson

Probably one of my favorite people I’ve encountered last year or the year before. Really talented individual whose creative process is intriguing every time i converse with him. Born in Dallas, TX but raised in Westchester, NY, this spotlight designer has made quite a name for himself in the local fashion industry. I truly enjoy all of his projects that he and his team had created over the course of years. Here’s how my interview with Mr. Bronson lol.

Tell us a little about your self & what you do.
Technically I am a Designer/Content Creator some will say I am ” Creative Director “, but I feel that title is really overused these days. I have a very small, but young & talented team that helps me create graphics, editorials etc if its for my own brand PUER or other clients we work with.
What made you want to design clothes?
Just as I was about to enter my freshman year of high school, I started going to Soho. The whole streetwear scene was something that played a big role in me wanting to design. The brand that was a big inspiration to me was one called “ABSURD,” the kid that was behind that is now the marketing director at Supreme. *Fun Fact *

Who are some of your inspirations in the fashion industry?

I’m inspired by many, but I would say at the top are Raf Simons, Rick Owens and Jean Touitou of APC. Reason being that these kids founded, design and run their companies & that’s a great thing to do. I LOVE Hedi Slimane as much as anyone else, but his job is to worry about only the creative side of Saint Laurent while the parent company Kering deals with budgeting, logistics, allocations, etc. which can take a load off.

What makes your designs so unique?

Eh. I don’t think they’re that “unique.” I don’t do couture where only like 4 units per SKU are produced. My friend Remy, once told me all the things we design should be something that comes from deep within us. With that being said, any of the graphics used for PUER are really a reference point of something I am really into. As far as the cut & sew of the brand goes it’s also the same but usually a mix up of shit I’ve seen Kurt Cobain or Chad Muska wear.

Where do you see yourself and your designs in 5 years?

That’s pretty hard, I change my mind all the time. I would honestly be fine doing what I am doing right now, but on a bigger scale which is designing and working with not only my personal brand, but also other brands. I have some things in the works with some very well-known streetwear & menswear brands for 2015 that I can’t talk about but some of my goals are to work with Nike on a shoe, as well as, work with Modernica on furniture.

& set design, I would LOVE to work on a musical tour.

Do you think your designs will bring new generations of trends into the fashion world?

No, I don’t think fashion is going to push fashion any further. The days of Christian Dior teaching Yves Laurent, etc. are over in my opinion. The future of design are these new kids that are growing up with all this technology. Right now there’s some kid on Snapchat, reading & googling 3D printing all at the same time. That kid is going to bring a new generation of trends to fashion.


Here’s some of Noel’s designs check them out!!




Also, check Noel out on Social Media!!

Social Media:

Facebook: Noel Bronson
Twitter: @NoelBronson
Instagram: @NoelBronson


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