Spotlight Fashion Designer: L’Jai Amor from NOLAAAAAAAA

As you know i love putting the spotlight on up and coming fashion designers and artists, i came across this lovely lady some time last year and fell IN LOVE with her designs!

Hailing from the city of jazz and artistry, this 24 year old native of New Orleans, Louisiana designs has made a mark around town,

I was so delighted to be able to ask her a few questions about her passion and desire for the fashion industry.

What made you want to design clothes?

I wanted to design clothes to provide women with unique and bold looks. I aim to make my clothing feel as though the customer  were stealing the show with their wardrobe!

Designing started when I did a fashion show at my university where I had to create a dress out of a trash bag which everyone fell in love with my sophomore year in 2010. I received tons of emails in regards to making real dresses so I took on custom orders without any lessons and I’ve been making clothes ever since. I’ve always been a creative person searching for an outlet to display my artistic side in different ways. So designing, sketching and creating unique concepts with clothing was right up my alley!

Who are some of your inspirations in the fashion industry?

Alexander McQueen and Stephane Rolland I feel are my biggest inspirations because they take risks in the chicest way. Every piece they provide the world with has something intense about it!

What makes your designs unique?

I believe what sets my designs apart from other young designers would be fearlessness. I strive to create bold to minimal pieces with a wow factor, without caring about what people will think or what is trending I go with what feels right when I start a piece and it just so happens to work!

Where do you see yourself and your designs in 5 years?

In the next five years I plan to be well known for my artistic approach on clothing. I would like to create a website so that my pieces are  made available for everyone to purchase. I would like to be featured in a top fashion show during NYFW to premiere my first real cohesive collection. Also open my own showroom and hopefully spread my store around the U.S. Then I can hopefully take it to the international scene. As well as being featured in top magazines such as Vogue.

Do you think your designs will bring in a new generation of trends into the fashion world?

I definitely believe so I’m inspired by  architectural structures and paintings which isn’t your typical approach for ready to wear pieces. Hopefully I can start a new realm of wearing unusual clothing and break people out of the norm!

Follow her on Instagram at VintageeVixen
Here’s some of Ms L’Jai designs from her show in New Orleans a few weeks ago. Plus more!!





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